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Xilinx tools install and license howto

Thought I would touch on the Xilinx tools for the first time here, as the product is made by them ;)

To take full advantage of the AWESOME SAUCE that is Zynq, you will need the Xilinx software and tool chain.  To get it go here:

At the time of writing this entree, Xilinx is on version 2012.2 - 14.2.  Go ahead and download the appropreate installer for the platform you are running on.  The software is very similar across platforms short of some visual things.  I will be writing this how-to for Windows-7 - so I will be downloading the 6.2GB .tgz file.

Ok, first go to the download link above and select your appropriated download.  You will notice that Xilinx would like you to login.  I know, I know ... don't worry.  A login allows you access to their forums which is defiantly an amazing resource.  If you don't have a login, create one and then sign in.  Confirm some information about yourself and download the tools.  Assuming you aren't on a Google Internet Connection, it's going to take a bit of time to download it.  It's ok, I'll wait.

Ok, I lied, I'm not waiting.

Once you have the archive downloaded, you will need to extract it and install it.  Note this is going to take a LOT of HD space.  But, with Newegg selling 1.5TB drives for less than $100 I'm sure you'll be fine :D

Once you have everything installed, you are going to be presented with the Licensing Manager, it looks like this:

Select "Get Free ISE WebPack License" from the radio buttons and hit Next.  A little window will pop up after a second or two and it will have some information about your machine in it.  Click "Connect Now" to open your browser and go to the licensing webpage.

It will ask you to login and confirm some information.  After hitting Next, you will see the license manager.  It looks like this:

Go ahead and select the "ISE Design Suite: WebPACK License" from the list, and click the "Generate Node-Locked License" from the bottom on the screen.  This will open a little javascript window like this:

Write yourself a love note in the Comments section, and hit Next.  A review screen will display.  You can just hit Next.  A pinwheel will show up and you will be presented with a summary of what you have just done.  The license file will be emailed to you.  If you for some reason don't want to go into your email and get it, you can download it by going to this icon in the bottom left:

Create a folder, preferably in the c:\Xilinx directory called licenses.  Move you license to that folder and name it "license_14_2.lic" (or whatever is appropriate for the version you are installing). Alright, now that you have the license downloaded go back to the license manager (if you closed it you can get to it by going to Start -> All Programs -> Xilinx Design Tools -> ISE Design Suite 14.2 -> Accessories -> Manage Xilinx Licenses) on the second tab you will see something that looks like this:

Click the "Copy Licenses ..." button and navigate to your c:\Xilinx\licenses folder and pick your license file that you moved there.  Afterwards it will come up with a "License installation was successful" message box, hit OK, and you are good. too. go.  Close the License Manager.

That's it!  Stay tuned for my first Zynq Xilinx project using PlanAhead, EDK, and SDK!


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