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Thanks everyone!

Over 10K page views! Woohoo!

Thanks everyone for the great feed back, and asking tough questions.  I am working on a series of how-to's that are deep dives for custom peripherals, as well as the one how-to that *everybody* wants - talking to a custom peripheral via Linux (it's a bit harder then I expected lol).

New posts coming soon!  Thanks again everyone!


The thanks belongs to you! Your work is fantastic, looking forward to the next installment!


Thank you for this nice helpful blog!

Have you any example that uses both CPU cores
of Zynq? I read some information on page 140 of
Zynq TRM (UG585). Tried to follow the same but
it did not work - i.e. second CPU core did not
start. Maybe I made some mistake? It will be good
to look at some working example...